What does it cost to live an inauthentic life?

If anyone knows, it’s Alon Ozery. Born in Toronto to an Orthodox Jewish father and a British mother, raised in Israel, and educated in Canada, Alon didn’t come out of the closet until he had a wife and three children.

From his childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean to dodging young women and ducking work in the motor pool of the Israeli army, Even the Sidewalk Could Tell relates Alon’s winding journey to discover his true self.

A funny, heartwarming tale of honest self-reflection, this brave memoir shows what it means-and what it ultimately takes-to claim self-acceptance, create inner peace, and march forward into the best version of yourself.

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Friends of Ruby:
50% of the profits are donated to Friends of Ruby in Toronto. They are dedicated to the progressive wellbeing of LGBTQI2S youth through mental health services, social services and housing.

A conversation and Q&A with Alon at the launch party of Even The Sidewalk Could Tell conducted by Kelsey Ramsden, entrepreneur and CEO of Mind Cure Health