As an entrepreneur that likes to create things, I became the co-founder of Ozery Bakery, a company that sells natural baked goods across North America. I’m also the co-founder of Parallel Brothers, a brand that sells sesame butter in Toronto. I created this site as a home to my words and thoughts. A few months ago, I never thought I could write a book, start a blog, or produce a podcast. But when I felt a shift in my life and words started to flow, I didn’t stop them.

My book shares the story of how I broke away from the trajectory destined to me by others and my old self to land at my authentic truth. I think everyone has a coming-out process they need to go through, and I want to help people navigate theirs. In doing so, life becomes worth living.

In my podcast, Upfront Toronto, Liza and I discuss our passion and views about the city of Toronto and interview active members of the community that move the city forward.

In the blogs, I share thoughts and stories that taught me something and have caused self-contemplation.

I don’t take myself too seriously and try to keep an open state of mind. The words and thoughts shared in this site are answers I’ve found that work for me, and I believe they can help others as well.

I invite you to jump in, read, and listen.

The energy of positive change is infectious…

Much love!