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I miss my coffee shop

Jul 3, 2021

Going in the morning to independent coffee shops around the city is one of my passions. I love anticipating the warm flavor of the coffee while standing in line, ordering a medium roast short espresso. Once in a while, when I feel very good with myself OR terrible, I will order a tasty almond croissant with the espresso to get that double whammy of caffeine and sugar rush on an empty stomach in the morning… pure heaven!

Then I pick a seat that gives me a good view of the café while I blend in with the furniture and listen to music on my earphones. I tend to daydream when I wait for the espresso to cool down to the exact temperature that my palate likes. Warm enough, so it’s comforting yet not too hot to allow my taste buds to appreciate the full body of flavor of the espresso.

The beauty of a good espresso is revealed about thirty minutes after drinking it. If it’s good, it will start radiating warm rays of love from my stomach throughout my body, as if the universe is hugging me from inside.

When people tell me that I’m addicted and should stop drinking coffee, I think about it for less than a second and say, “no, I don’t want to stop”.

With Love