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Sleepless in Seattle and red wine

Jun 23, 2021

As I grow wiser (in other words “older”), and I’m getting to be very wise (52). I’m seeing the correlation between what I eat and how my sleep is. A few years ago I was in Seattle for business and I checked out a local restaurant. I love experiencing new restaurants in different cities. It stimulates my creativity in developing food and I just fucking love it.

Back to the evening, I chugged down a good amount of excellent local pinot noir. It was a fabulous evening. I crashed into my comfy hotel bed not remembering how I got there. Then came the night. I woke up suddenly around 2am in fear with my heart beating fast and sweat all over my body. I through the blanket off and focused on my breathing to calm down. The bad feeling lasted just under an hour. It was horrible.

That experience made me realize the effect of certain foods and drinks had on my body. Red wine wasn’t my friend any more. Extra hoppy beers don’t do me any good either. So now I drink light Mexican beers when I go out. I used to make fun of people who drunk flavorless beer.

My body is changing with age. Maybe I’m just noticing more then I used to.

Thankfully I can still have coffee, chocolate, pizza, non-hoppy beer and vegetables. please body, don’t take away my coffee addiction… please!

Either way I chose to embrace what my body likes and dislikes.

Much love,